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Kaamurna nuka (Head Stockman)

Anita Mbitjana Ratara
Terracotta and Underglazes
32 x 25 Ø cm
Hermannsburg Potters


Imanka, school holiday kala namanga, yinga kwaaarra nyinta arrpunhaka-lela unthitjaarta. Ilirna kutatha aiyua ntjaarra etnaka-lela Fifteen Mile-urna lhitjaarta, nhanga stockmen etnaka-lela. Nhaakwa ilirna intitjaarta. Ilirna araka artwa nhanha ntjaarra kngarra urrkaapumanga, bullock etnanha wurla-ilamalanga, nantha etnanha brand-ilamanga, hair kamanga, fencing mpaaramanga, nhanha ingkarraka. School holiday kala namanga, nurna kngarra unthitjaarta. Nurna dam-urna lhitjaarta, green motor-aka ntjikalanga. Era naka motorcar kngarritja, motorcar tjinya. Rretnya ekuranha Blitz. Nurna Head Stockman ekura-lela lhitjaarta, kaamurna nukanha-lela. Era bullock-aka yunthitjaarta, kurunga erinha tjirraka. Nurna lhitjaarta-ntema. Nurna-ntama aiyua erinha araka, bullock erinha tjirramanga. Kurunga era yinpa ilulhelamala, kara-karta Hermannsburg Mission-urna pitjalpuka. Kurunga artwa urrputjala kara erinha uthilaka. Nurna-ntama lyilhaka, kurunga Altjirra-urna ingkaka. Kala, nurna ilkuka. Kurunga nurna meat house-urna lhitjaarta, kara initjika. Imanka ilirna nhanha ingkarrakanha araka. Unthakala, nurna pitjalpuka, kurunga school-aka irrputjaarta. Kanha holiday namanga, ilirna kutatha etnaka-lela nitjaarta. Lid atha mpaaraka, nhanha nama Head Stockman, kaamurna nuka. Ed Sackman, Head Stockman. My uncle, my sister-cousin’s father. On school holiday time, me and my sister-cousin, we always go with those old stockmen for a little holiday to Fifteen Mile and we stay there. And we look everywhere, all the bullocks, men branding the wild horses, cutting hairs, make fencing, everything we see. Holiday time, school holiday. We used to go everywhere, to the dam. We had a big green car. We call him Blitz, big car, long one, green one. We used to go with Ed Sackman, Head Stockman, my uncle, sister-cousin’s father. Sometimes he’d go looking for a bullock to shoot him. We used to go there with him to shoot that bullock and skin him and bring him back here to the Mission in Hermannsburg. Cut him all up for meat. Afterwards we used to sing and pray, with children eating lunch. After we get meat from the meat house. Long time me and my sister cousin see all this. We come back and we go to school, but holiday, we always go there. That lid that’s Ed Sackman, Head Stockman. My Uncle, my sister-cousin’s father.

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