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My grandfather, Reuben Pareroultja

Donna McNamara
Terracotta and Underglazes
29 x 18 Ø cm
Hermannsburg Potters


Yia nhanha nama tjimia nuka-iperra, Reuben Pareroultja-iperra. Kngarritja-erramala, Albert Namatjira-la imanka erinha watercolours parnitjika kaltjinthaka. Kurunga mia nukanhala yinganha yia ekura-iperra ilaka. Etna Rrutna Outstation-ala nitjaarta. Ntaria-urna pitjimala, etna kutatha Albert-aka pmara-urna lhaka. Reuben-aka kalyala pa tjiala kutatha watercolour parnitjaarta, Albert ekura-lela. Era pmara ekurahala unthamanga, era katjia ekuranha kaltjinthaka watercolour mpaaritjika. Era wurra ingkarninya ekuranha, Hubert-anha, kngarra kaltjinthaka. Kurunga atha etlaraka pot-akarlaka pmara ntelitjika, tjimia nuka era ngerra mpaaramanga. This story is about my grandfather, Reuben Pareroultja. He was taught how to paint watercolours by Albert Namatjira as a young fella. My mum told me this story about him. They used to stay at Rodna Outstation. When they come into Ntaria they always pull up at Albert’s house. Reuben and his two brother always do watercolouring with Albert. When he goes to his country, he used to teach his children how to do watercolouring. Especially his young son, Hubert Pareroultja. Now, I decided to do a landscape same way as him on the pot.

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