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Lyurra nuka (My grandmother)

Alizha Coulthard
Terracotta and Underglazes
32 x 25 Ø cm
Hermannsburg Potters


Yinga katjia kuka nakanga, yinga Irrpmangkarala nitjaarta. Tanha yinga nitjaarta, mia nukanha-lela: Anita-nha, kaarta nukanha-lela: Kevin-anha, kwaiya pa kalya nukanha-lela turta. Tjina arrpunha naka-ntema: lyurra nukanha, Rahel-anha, tjimia nukanha-lela, Nahasson-anha. Nurna kwatjala walhitjaarta, marnaka yunthitjaarta, irrkurlaanitjaarta. Lyurra nukanhala marna damper nurnakakwia etitjaarta. Yinga kngarra kaltjerraka, tjina nukanha-lela marnaka yunthamanga, nurna purta namanga, Pmara Irrpmangkarala. Lyurra nukanhala marna nurnaka ntelaka. Era nurnanha ilaka iwunha paka marra ilkutjika nama, iwunha paka kurna namanga, itja ilkutjika. Era Western Arrarntaka ngkatjaka nurnanha kaltjinthaka. Era relha marra naka, kangkintja ntelalhamanga. Ingula, nurna urala narlaanitjaarta, era nurnanha yia arrkana ilamanga. Lyurra nukanhala urrknga mpaaranha-mpaaranha marra inthurra naka-ntema. Era imanka kaltjerraka, arrkurla inthurra. Lyaarta, yinga urrkaapuma, pottery nhanhala. When I was little, I was staying at Running Waters with my mum Anita, and my dad Kevin as well as my brothers and sisters. We stayed with other families there. My nanna, Rahel, and grandpa, Nahassen. They used to take us swimming in the waters, hunting for bush tucker, fishing. Nanna used to make damper for us. I learned a lot from my families going hunting for bush tuckers when I was staying with them at Running Waters. My grandmother, she used to show us the bush tuckers, the bush tuckers to eat and the ones we can’t eat. She learned us to say things in Western Aranda? language. She was a lovely, kind woman. She used to tell funny stories to make us laugh at night, sitting with the fires. My grandmother, she was a really good potter too. She was one of those first pottery ladies. Now, I work at the pottery too.

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