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Itua, erranta and desert fruits and seeds

Dianne Inkamala
Watercolour on paper
30 x 22 / 17 x 25 / 15 x 20 / 21 x 15 cm ; (F) 38 x 29 / 25.5 x 33.5 / 23 x 28.5 / 29 x 23 cm
Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre


Itua, turkey, we call him Itua in language. We shoot him, we cook him with fire, we put him under the coal and the ashes. Sometimes we boil it and eat it. Kara itua urnma (turkey meat cook). Erranta, birds like Vanessa (Inkamala, artist and sister of the artist) paints them, black cockatoo, just only birds flying in the sky around the world. Sometimes they go to drink in the creek, and eat all the prickles, because they got this sharp little thing (beak).

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

On behalf of Desart’s staff and art centre members, the Executive Committee humbly and respectfully acknowledge the Arrernte Apmereke Artweye (Traditional Owners) and Kwertengerle (Traditional Managers) of Mparntwe.


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