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Apanthe (Coolamon)

Clinton Oliver Ampetyane, Jane Oliver Ampetyane
Coolabah tree (Eucalyptus coolabah) with linseed oil
8 x 19.5 x 50 cm
Ltyentye Apurte Traditional Craft Centre


It’s a good wood, ankerre, easy to work on and good colour. But at the time I made this urtne I was just experimenting to see the colour, but its pretty good. That was my first time making this shape, I will keep doing more. It was a straight wood but I made the shape. The shape like this is for carrying things or maybe carrying a little bit of kwatye (water). And this shape is good for digging for kwatye for a soak in the lhere, a soakage. This shape of coolamon has a different word, its not urtne – it’s name is apanthe. My sister Jane is the one to who told me it has that different name, and she is the one who painted this coolamon.

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