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Wantili (Canning Stock Route Well 25)

Bugai Whyoulter
Synthetic Polymer on Linen
121 x 91 cm
Martumili Artists


I was just becoming a teenager, still travelling around with my mother and father. We were at Juntu-juntu, Wuranu, Raarki, Tiwa and Wantili. At Wantili we killed a cow, they were bringing cattle through from Kunawarritji. Wantili was a good place to make yakapiri (woven bark sandals). Translated by Ngalangka Nola Taylor. “Bugai always tells about Wantili (Canning Stock Route Well 25) because she grew up around Wantili. Her family would travel between Wantili, Kaalpa, Juntu-juntu, Raarki, and Wuranu Wells along the Canning Stock Route. She paints around Wantili. She saw whitefellas there for the first time, Canning mob when they were travelling up and down the stock route with the bullock. She was a young girl walking around at Wantili. Big mob of people they been walking around there. Canning and his drovers were travelling, making the road. They were running away from those whitefellas, watching them from a long distance. She was a teenager when she was travelling around there with her four mothers and one daddy. They used to travel around in family groups, Bugai and Jakayu [Biljabu], and Jakayu’s nyupa (partner) Phillip Biljabu.” Bugai Whyoulter, as told by her grandson, Cyril Whyoulter.

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

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