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Kamanti Munu Tuwan

Ian Rictor
Synthetic Polymer on Linen
136.5 x 119 cm
Spinifex Arts Project


“Nyangatja painting ngayuku ngura Tuwan munu Kamanti Tjuntjuntjara munkara alinytjara. Ka Tuwan milmilpa kanyanyi Tjulpu Tjuta Tjukurpa ka Wati Nyii Nyii Tjuta Euclalakutu munu tjanampa kulata tjutaku kapingka tjura ka kapi pala katuni patila. Ka kapi kutjupa kutjara palatja ini Kamanti. Ka nyangatja ngura kanyanyi Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa ka Wanampi Kutjara mama munu katja ka paluru pula Pukuralanguru ka ngura kutjupa kutjupa ananyi ka palumpa ngura Kamanti. Ka kutjupa nyangatja punu Tjutaku ini wanari ka nyanga tjanpi Tjuta pakani. This painting is of my Country up north of Tjuntjuntjara called Tuwan. Tuwan holds the sacred Tjulpu Tjuta Tjukurpa (many Birds Creation Line) and follows a group of Wati Nyii Nyii (Zebra Finch Men) who travel to Eucla and place their many spears in the water to hold back the rising sea. The other significant site here is Kamanti and is two rock holes. Kamanti holds the Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Men Creation Line) and follows the journey of two Wanampi (Water-snake Man), a father and son, who travel from Pukara. Kamanti is their place. All the trees here are wanari (mulga) and the grass coming up is spinifex. Ian has depicted two significant sites, Kamanti and Tuwan. Kamanti, which has two rock holes and is situated in the heart of traditional Spinifex Lands and a site that forms part of the Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Serpent Men Creation Line). At Kamanti, two rock holes appear side by side and are where the Two Men made camp on their travels. The other site depicted is Tuwan, a special ‘Mens’ site and where the Tjilpu Tjuta Tjukurpa (Many Birds Creation Line) begins. This story deals with a group of Zebra Finch Men as they move south to the coast in search of water. Ian was born in this Country and has an intimate relationship with the land. Having spent the first 25 years of his life here, this Country sustained him and his immediate family before they ‘walked’ into the modern world in 1986.”

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

On behalf of Desart’s staff and art centre members, the Executive Committee humbly and respectfully acknowledge the Arrernte Apmereke Artweye (Traditional Owners) and Kwertengerle (Traditional Managers) of Mparntwe.


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