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Finke Desert Race

Marjorie Nunga Williams
Synthetic Polymer on Linen
61 x 91 cm
Tangentyere Artists


At Rodinga for Finke Desert Race this year. They racing from Alice Springs to Finke and all the people make their little camps to watch the motorbikes and the buggies race past. And the young camel (on the track) saw the buggies and the motorbikes racing past and so he joined in. The mother camel, she’s there in the bushes. She tried to stop that young one from running to the middle of the road, but he didn’t listen. He wanted to run with them, wanted to race with them. The kids on the sandhill, they was watching. They was really happy to see the motorbikes and buggies racing. And the buggy from the middle, number 487, that was Toby Price’s buggy, and he won that race! We so proud. He local man. The man from the helicopter was taking photos and a lot of birds was flying around. They thought it was some kind of devil, like a giant eagle. Eagles belong down there. That’s their country, and they hunt smaller birds. They thought that helicopter was some kind of devil going to hunt them. And the little birds also stopped that eagle there from flying because they were scared from eagle too. And two lizards (foreground) looking at that buggy. They thought it was monster!

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

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