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Yankirri (Emu)Jukurrpa at Ngarlikirlangu

Lloyd Jampijinpa Brown
Synthetic Polymer on Linen
203 x 152 cm
Warlukurlangu Artists


This painting depicts a Yankirri (Emu) Jukurrpa from a place called Ngarlikurlangu, approximately 50 kilometres north of Yuendumu. The kirda (owners) of this Dreaming are Nangala/Nampijinpa women and Jangala/Jampijinpa men. This Jukurrpa tells the story of a yankirri and a wardilyka (bush turkey). Yankirri lived at a soakage to the west called Warnirripanu (or Walangkamirirri), while wardilyka lived at a soakage to the east called Parirri. The emu and bush turkey used to go around the Country picking yakajirri and mashing them into kapurdu (fruit balls) to save in their nests for later. However, they were jealous of each other; the emu thought that the bush turkey was picking the best and juiciest yakajirri’ and was leaving him with only the sour yakajirri. The emu went to the bush turkey’s nest to the east while the bush turkey was out hunting and smashed up the kapurdu that the bush turkey had saved there. When the bush turkey returned, he found his smashed yakajirri balls and realised that the emu had destroyed them. He went to the west to confront the emu and when he found him, they got into a big fight. The bush turkey eventually flew away to the north, leaving behind the smashed yakajirri balls.

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