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Warakurna family collaborative

Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett, Delilah Shepherd, Corrina Shepherd
Synthetic Polymer on Linen
152 x 152 cm
Warakurna Artists


Ngayulu-latju palyarnu ngaanya tjiinya Tjukurrpa ngayuku Nguntjuka mama puru Kaparliku tjiinya tjukurrpa witupungkula kanyilkitja-lu. We are working together to tell different stories from mother, father and grandmother to keep our Tjukurrpa strong. This family collaborative paintings depict the following tjukurrpa: Dorcas Bennett’s mother’s country. Her mother, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa – ‘Mrs Bennett’ painted extensively on this subject, and here Dorcas reflects on her mother’s work and country and her own connection to this part of the lands. Corrina Shepherd depicts Walu rock hole. There were two men and one little boy camping at the rock hole. The men went hunting and the little boy stayed. The men returned with an emu and pulled out its heart. The boy was holding the heart and blood spilt out onto the rocks. He ran away with the heart and turned into wind. The emu’s blood trail stained the rocks and it can still be seen there today. Delilah Shepherd’s father’s homeland area of Lapaku, between the Rawlinson Ranges and Lake Christopher in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. Deliliah’s grandfather, Ivan Shepherd was born near Lapaku. The area features heavily in many Tjukurrpa stories, travelling from Patjarr to Lapaku from rock hole to rock hole.

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

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