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Two Sisters

Louise Robertson
Recycled bush-dyed woollen blanket, embellished with wool and cotton
74 x 48 x 15cm / 60 x 38 x 13 cm
Yarrenyty Arltere Artists


There are two sisters. One was sad and one was happy. The sad sister, she cries tear drops like rain, and they run down her face and make the grass grow greener and the flowers bloom and the rain clouds come. They make a big river that leaks across the country, feeding all the plants. But she is sad because she can’t dance. Because she has had a terrible fall on her leg. The happy sister would listen to the birds singing and follow the lyrics and dance. She loves to dance, with her arms in the air and her body swaying like the trees in the wind, and the birds are singing for her to dance and the butterflies love to see her dance. They are two sisters; one can dance and the other one can’t. I feel really sorry for the one that can’t dance but still her tears make the whole country colourful and healthy. And the happy sister can help the sad one by remembering for her what it feels like to move to the songs of the birds. Sewing makes me proud and it brings so many imaginations alive. It means so much to me. The art room is a small place, but it can make a big change in people’s lives and can make ideas and dreams come alive.

Desert Mob is presented annually in Mparntwe | Alice Springs on Arrernte Country.

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