Anita Pumani

Anita Pumani was born in Indulkana on the APY Lands in South Australia. She grew up in Mimili and attended school in Adelaide. As the oldest daughter to Teresa Mula and Ken Pumani, both senior cultural leaders in Mimili, she learnt about the importance of Tjukurpa from an early age. Her mother Teresa is one of Mimili Maku’s senior painters, and one of seven sisters. Anita is one of four sisters, and now has three daughters on her own. Growing up in such a strong line of women, Anita proudly shares women’s stories in her paintings. She often references Antara, an important women’s site close to Mimili community, and speaks about the Maku (witchetty grub) Tjukurpa. She has collaborated with her mother and her sisters on several works speaking about the Seven Sisters Story, which is deeply engrained in her family line.